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March 28, 2005

Oh, Test everything _before_ you push to Production!

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I did something really dumb the
other day. One of our technical support guys comes over and says “Mike,
you know that constraint you added to the table last year, I need you
to remove it”. I added a unique constraint to a column on one of our
tables because I spent a couple hours in this ummm, difficult to read
code (to be nice) to track down that the support guys had duplicated
a value in the table. There is now a business reason (was back then too
but we didn’t think of it) to allow duplication for different clients.
Instead of removing the constraint and run the risk of repeating past
mistakes I said, “let’s add a new column”. The column would be tied to
the client and the constraint would be put on the existing column along
with the new client column. Pretty low risk I thought.

So I sent an email to the team and support to see if anyone had any
issues with the approach. Nobody said a word. I had already made the
change on our development environment and did a smoke check on what I
was worried about (and thought could break). My mistake is probably
obvious now right? It is always the things that you don’t bother
testing that end up breaking.

Some of the SQL for our reports used a table that had a column
already with the name that we used in the new table. The SQL didn’t
reference which table the field should be polled from so BANG! Oh, did
I mention that I was off the day that it got pushed to production 🙂

Moral of the story, even when you know it won’t break test it!


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