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March 29, 2005

Meetings Agendas

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Do you know what I hate? I hate getting meeting requests and the only thing in the request is “Product X Enhancements”.

What does that mean?

  • Being an attendee do I need to be prepared to share some possible enhancements?
  • Do I need to evaluate the technical feasibility of some new enhancements?
  • Is the meeting on the enhancements that we are already planning on working on?
  • Are we being told what new enhancements that need to be added and I just have to listen?
  • Are we talking about when we can start/deliver the enhancements?

This is just one example of a bad meeting request. I have gone to a
number of meetings that once I get there I receive all kinds of
documents that were written well in advance of the meeting but the
organizer never bothered to send them ahead of time. If they were sent
ahead of time I would be able to review the information and be better
prepared to participate in the meeting.

So what is the solution?
How would I know 🙂 But
maybe spend a little bit of time on the meeting request. If
audience participation is expected give the information up front
so people can be better prepared. If the meeting is more of a
brain storming exercise, state that. I’m sure there are all kinds of
formal guides on how to prepare a meeting agenda, which could help, but
I believe the main requirements are to state the purpose clearing and
the desired outcome.

I’m sure I’ve sent out my fair share of crappy meeting requests but
after the past couple of meetings I’ve gone too I’m going to make an
effort to change my requests.

You got to love it. Today I received another meeting request and with a
semi-vauge title (no other description). In the title it said it was
going to be related to projecting the cost for a potential project. I
sent an email back to find out if there is any more information that
the people on the list could use to prepare and what do you know…
there was.



  1. Now I don’t mean to complain… wait… maybe I do. No actually I do, this drove me nuts today.
    I received…

    Comment by Mike's Dump — July 11, 2005 @ 7:37 pm | Reply

  2. That’s right folks, Mike’s Dump turned one year old today. My very
    first post was an exciting one if…

    Comment by Mike's Dump — March 26, 2006 @ 8:48 pm | Reply

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