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April 20, 2005

Crawlspace cleanup

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Cleaning a part of the house that is normally used for “storage” is probably never going to be fun. Sure you’ll see things that you haven’t
seen for years and get to take that trip down memory lane. But, when you are a pack rat like me and keep adding crap to your crawlspace like
I have over the past six years the task becomes a little more difficult than it should be. This past Sunday was time to purge.

Some of the items we got rid of:

  • Stereo Amplifier (about 28 years old – in storage for at least 6 years.)
  • Metal chair that usually cut you when you picked it up or snagged your shirt
  • Waterbed mattress and heater (haven’t used in about 8 years)
  • Vacuum that we replaced last year
  • Broken wedding cake (we have been married almost 10 years)
  • One of my book reports from grade 6
  • Recycled about 40 cardboard boxes from things that we have bought that *just in case* we have to return

My favorite item of the afternoon… Professional record cleaner. Not just record cleaner but professional record cleaner 🙂
Record CleanerGarbage

The next day someone had already taken the vacuum and stereo… as long as it isn’t in my crawlspace.


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