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June 7, 2005

Microsoft takes the �my� out of computing

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I found this article funny; Microsoft is getting rid of ‘My’ from “My Documents”, “My Music” and “My Computer” in Longhorn. Why is it funny? Well they are adding the My namespace to VB.NET 2005
Apparently the whole �my’ thing was an attempt to get people to bond with their PC when they might have been a bit scared of it. Now it seems, PCs are a normal part of life and we don’t need such silly things
I’ve always thought “My Documents” was silly and I’ve never really used it. So my question is, is Microsoft trying to get developers to “bond” with the My namespace?
There might be some useful things in the My namespace, I honestly haven’t read in great deal on it. When I first read that Microsoft was bringing back the forms collection that used to exist in VB it tainted my view and I started to think that the whole thing is a bad idea.
Here is one example of how the My namespace will change your development life. Ask yourself is the old way really a lot more complicated than the new way.

Dim sr As New IO.StreamReader(“c:\mytextfile.txt”)
contents = sr.ReadToEnd

contents = My.Computer.FileSystem.ReadAllText(“c:\mytextfile.txt”)
Any developer that codes as a profession and not a hobby I would hope would agree that the first method isn’t rocket science. I believe the My namespace is more about simplifying VB.NET (VB is the only language mentioned but if it is just an assembly I’d think it work with C#) for the hobbyist or for the guy that gets voted most computer literate in the office so he becomes the part time developer (I’ve seen it happen).
I don’t think there is anything wrong with using the My namespace (except for the form collection) but if I was asked what feature I would prefer to have in VB.NET 2005 I would have picked refactoring support over the My namespace any day.


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