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July 11, 2005

Another Monday

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Now I don’t mean to complain… wait… maybe I do. No actually I do, this drove me nuts today.
I received an email and meeting request (from different people) from outside of the group that I work with. Both of these made me shake my head. In the email was a document that was setting the expectations for our project managers. The section that caught my eye was:
Customer Satisfaction � quality
Adherence to process
I’m probably just being anal but putting “customer satisfaction � quality” third on the list? Did anyone read it before sending it out? Is this really the order of priority that projects should be run? Project managers should be rated based on these criteria? Now of course a customer isn’t going to be happy if the project goes way over on time or budget but if crap is delivered on-time and on-budget that won’t help customer satisfaction. If the project is going to go over on time and/or budget project managers will be in a better position with the customer if the quality is good.
My second gripe of the day was related to a meeting request (oh ya another one). Yes of course this meeting request didn’t say what the meeting would be about but it did say that it would be updated two days before the meeting on what would be covered (that is good). I think what really got to me was the fact is without having an agenda it is already planned that this meeting is going to need 3 1/2 hours! Now I can’t give an exact time but I’m pretty sure that my brain shuts off after about 45 minutes (can’t say for sure because my brain is off) so when I see a 3 1/2 hour meeting request I want to cry. I’m actually hoping that after seeing the agenda I can somehow argue that there is no reason for me to be there. It is probably unlikely that I can get out of it and even if I do I had to push off a two hour meeting to attend. This isn’t sounding like a win-win situation.


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  1. I started reading Joel on Software this morning. While I was reading the introduction I came to a part…

    Comment by Mike's Dump — July 19, 2005 @ 8:54 pm | Reply

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