Mike’s Dump

July 27, 2005

Where is the Apple Juice!

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My younger daughter Erika is nearly two years old and is starting to say quite a few words. Usually she prefers to point and grunt to try and get what she wants. Depending on her mood at the time I may keep asking her what she wants until she talks. If she just wants some milk and she is crying and banging her head against the fridge hoping that I’ll get it for her it is pretty unlikely that I’ll get her to say, “Milk please”.
Today while we were sitting eating supper she looks at me and say, “Dad, apple juice”. I think food actually dropped out of my mouth when she said it. The last time she asked me for juice it was, “ju”. I said juice, get it for her, and everyone is happy. I was so excited to hear three words strung together (that make sense) that I jump up and run over to the fridge to get her some. As I’m about to open the fridge Isabelle yells over we don’t have any.
I try to explain to Erika there is no more juice would you like milk or water. Of course she is not a happy camper. “NO! JUICE” she yells back at me. I know when I tell her there is no more juice she is interrupting it as: no, I’m not going to let you have juice. Just like, no, don’t stick your hands down your diaper to explain to me that you’ve pooped. Or no, don’t use my shoulder as a Kleenex (use your mom’s). At this point I’m looking around the kitchen for anything other than milk or water and I notice she started eating again. I quietly sit down and start eating again trying not to draw any attention to the fact that she got nothing to drink… Sometimes short attention spans can be useful.


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