Mike’s Dump

August 16, 2005


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It was getting louder and louder. The noise was echoing off the
interior of the bus. My ears were ringing and I just wanted to scream,
“CAN YOU SIT QUITELY”? I believe it was at this point that I realized I
was overreacting and something else was bothering me. Being upset with
someone who is three times my age making noises that sounds like a
brown paper bag being scrunched over and over can sometimes be
justified, right?

There was thirty minutes before I got home. My kids, who I love to
death, are a little louder than a brown paper bag. I thought it would
be a good idea to figure out what is wrong with my head today before I
stepped through the door. The mission if I choose to accept it, uncover
everything that is driving me closer to insanity and why I shouldn’t
let it bother me. This brain will self-destruct in thirty minutes.

Issue 1: It’s Freak’in Cold!
It is August 16th today and the average temperature in Edmonton should
be about 22 degrees Celsius. When I left for work this morning it
felt like it was just above freezing and overcast. My moods are
affected by the weather. In midwinter I normally feel drained because
the lack of sunlight (8 hours a day is not enough).

Issue 2: Database Meltdown
It wasn’t that bad, there was some smoke but no fire. First thing in
the morning the applications were still working but not at the speed
they should be. Being out of my control I ended up wasting a couple
hours this morning watching our servers to see if the slow down worsened

Issue 3: I Made a Mess
I went downstairs to the pasta place for lunch today. When coming back
upstairs with my ice tea in one hand and pasta primavera with meat
sauce in the other I tried to figure out how I was going to scan in
without dropping anything. I wouldn’t say that I failed miserably
because nothing fell to the floor. I probably wouldn’t have even known
there was a problem if I didn’t notice the smell of the meat sauce was
a little stronger. I looked down as I get into the elevator and there
it was, my lunch, all over my shirt.

Issue 4: Unused Software
Unfortunately I have seen several times where developers, including
myself, have busted their ass to get something done on time or based on
an unreasonable schedule and had it deployed. Once deployed, the
functionality isn’t given to the client or the client doesn’t use the
functionality for whatever reason. When I see this repeatedly I start
to question the requests that come in, will this really make or break
the deal, is the client really going to dump us if we don’t deliver by
Monday. I believe customer service is important but if we need to make
changes to the application because of an emergency and those same
changes go unused for weeks people should remember the story of the
“Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

Issue 5: Seriously
The issue with the unused software got me thinking about something
else that happened on Monday. I feel that I normally take work too
seriously. I run from computer to computer when there is a
database meltdown and I believe people every time when I’m told the
world will end if we don’t deliver on time. Whenever possible I try to
throw out a joke so I’m not a complete stiff but I am what I am. When I
hear that someone takes something more seriously than me I have to
question his or her sanity (because regularly I question my own). The
far too serious side of me sees some logic with the person raising the issue.
But, the side of me that would wear a drunken co-workers shirt that he
received from a stripper and allow my picture to be taken slowly raises
his hand to object. That inner voice says, “Umm Mike, once you start
your journey to the dark side forever will it dominate your destiny”.

I was coming up to my bus stop and I came to the same realization that
I normally do on days like this; shit happens or people piss me off.
Both of those happen to apply for the past couple of days. The funny
thing is that I felt a lot better. It was a good too because as soon as
I opened the door� well I’ll have to save that for another day.


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