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August 19, 2005

These are the Bloggers in Your Neighborhood

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These are the bloggers in my neighborhood
In my neighborhood
In my neigh-bor-hood
These are the bloggers in my neighborhood
They’re the bloggers that you meet
When you’re walking down the street
They’re the blog-gers that you meet
Each daaaaaay

I’ve had that stuck in my head all-day. I feel much better now.

If you want to find the bloggers in your neighborhood check out Feed Map.

I haven’t been feeling well for the past couple of days so when I
wasn’t sleeping or watching Lord of the Rings I thought I’d check who
is blogging in the Edmonton area. Coding in an Igloo happened to be the first blog I decided to
look at.

As I mentioned to kill time when I couldn’t sleep I was watching Lord
of the Rings. There came a scene with Arwen played by Liv Tyler, which
reminded me of something that happened at work the other day. To make a
long story short somebody had typed “Go *uck my elf”. What they meant
to type was “Go *uck myself” (sounds much better right? (All in fun of
course)). When I read this I laughed and for whatever reason the first
elf that came to mind was one of the Keebler elves and not Arwen.
If you were going to be intimate with an elf which one would you pick?

Keebler Elf
Liv Tyler Arwen

I got a little off topic there, anyways, when I read the first post about building the
data model “to bind them all” it peaked my interest. When I finally got
to the post where
the author associates all the people that he is working with to LOTR
characters I had to keep on reading (I’ll have to try that some time).
There was some funny stuff there.

So go read the tales of the Igloo coder, add yourself to Feed map, and let me know which elf turns your crank.


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