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September 15, 2005

Best Buy Jeopardy!

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Mike: I’ll take Best Buy for $200, Alex
Alex: Turn around time is one week
Mike: What is the amount of time a customer is told it will take to repair a laptop when it’s dropped off?
Alex: Correct
Mike: I’ll take Best Buy for $400, Alex
Alex: Ha, ha, ha, no minimum two weeks
Mike: What the customer service representative says when a customer checks on the progress of a laptop to be repaired after one week?
Alex: Correct
Mike: Best Buy for $600, Alex.
Alex: 20
Mike: What is the number of times the telephone rings before being returned to the automated menu system?
Alex: Correct. We would have also accepted; what is the minimum wait in person for your sick wife to find out when they told you your laptop was fixed they meant that it hadn’t been sent away yet?

Mike: I’ll take Best Buy for $800
{Cheesy sound effect}
Alex: You have found the daily double. How much would you like to wager Mike?
Mike: All of it
Alex: For a true daily double here is your answer. If it came up and bit Best Buy in its collective ass they would have no clue what it is.
Mike: What is customer service?
Alex: Correct
I don’t seem bitter do I? Today is probably the closest in my life I’ve come to completely freaking out on someone. I was just waiting for someone to answer the phone so I could start yelling. If I was there in person I would probably go all Steve Balmer on them. There is nothing like a little game of Jeopardy to take the edge off.
I was really happy to hear yesterday my laptop was fixed and ready for pickup. When Sandy phoned me to tell me about her experience with Best Buy’s customer service and the fact that they don’t have a clue what they are doing (based on the fact that my laptop hadn’t been shipped out for repair yet let alone fixed) I was extremely pissed off.
To make matters worse I tried calling Best Buy to ask what is going on with my laptop. It appears their phone answering capability got worse since I phoned last because it took me half an hour to get through to somebody (either on hold or the phone just kept on ringing). When I finally was able to speak with someone I did my best to remain calm. I would say I had limited success 🙂
I just want my laptop fixed is that really too much to ask? Hopefully Sulley will be back next week.


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  1. The title of this post is the name of a song by Green Day from the
    American Idiot album. This is my…

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