Mike’s Dump

September 22, 2005

I’m Back

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I have been putting it off, putting it off and putting it off. I’ve
finally got around to replacing the hard drive that I knew would fail
back in June (I don’t procrastinate at all). What pushed me to finally
buying the drive and installing it was the fact the files were becoming
inaccessible (not a good feature in a hard drive).

Instead of having 242 GB of storage I now have 402 GB. Two 200 GB
drives and 2 GB drive for the OS. The first 200 GB drive is full of…
umm media. No it’s not porn or is my plan to acquire 400 GB of porn.
Can you imagine how much porn that would be though? Really, I’m sure if
someone tried to watch that much porn non stop they would just die.

Anyways, I’m hoping to have another outage in the near future. I would
like to get away from hosting myself and try out http://www.webhost4life.com.
The prices seem good and I haven’t heard anything bad about it.


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  1. With the problems I’ve had with hard drives and more recently my laptop
    I’ve wanted to get a better…

    Comment by Mike's Dump — November 11, 2005 @ 5:54 pm | Reply

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