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October 4, 2005

A complete waste of taxpayers money

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I was watching the news this evening and I could not believe what I was
hearing. No kidding, I was laughing out loud. With all the crap that
goes on around the world it is nice these types of stories are thrown in
every once and a while so we can laugh at human stupidity instead of
being sickened by human cruelty.

Cage’s wife, Alice Kim Cage, gave birth to a boy Monday, whom Cage has
named “Kal-el,” after the birth name of comic-hero Superman, born on
the planet Krypton.

The name would have probably been rejected in the province of Quebec,
where a provincial department — the Registrar of Civil Status — must
approve of names chosen by parents who have forgotten how cruel kids
and playgrounds can be.

Talk about a make work project!

I admit I had a few evil ideas for kid’s names when Sandy and I were
debating them but I’d never seriously name my child something they
would be teased about. I can’t imagine going through all the work of
choosing a name to have it rejected.

It was reported that about 25 out of 75000 names a year are rejected. I
wonder what criteria they use to reject a name. Do they consider
initials (Steven Henry Ian Thomas)? Or what about rhyming names (parent
really liked Buck Rogers but their last name is Choo for a name for Buck
Choo (ya a little weak but I’m getting tired))?

The full story is here.


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