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October 13, 2005

The top two reasons I have’t posted much

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I haven’t been posting much lately for a couple reasons. I’ve been
hoping my next post would be “my laptop is back” which hasn’t worked
out. Sandy phoned and found out today that they are waiting on a
motherboard. Best Buy told her the video card is toast but it is built
into the motherboard so the whole thing needs to be replaced. I’m still
hopeful the hard drive hasn’t been touched. If it has been wiped to
“troubleshoot” it then I hope they can’t get the part and they give me
a new laptop.

The other reason I haven’t been posting much is I have been way too
busy. Every night I have been helping Isabelle with reading, spelling
or both. I had started a post a couple weeks ago on how stupid the
English language is but haven’t had a chance to finish (maybe this
weekend). I keep telling Isabelle if you don’t know what the word is,
sound it out. Of course that doesn’t always work, even in grade one.

Work has been eating up a fair amount of time as well. I was actually
doing some coding again for a bit (VB.NET). It has been mainly unit
testing (NUnit) which hasn’t been all that challenging but it really
needed to be done. There are a number of projects we are trying to
define the requirements for which I have been involved in. It really
doesn’t sound like much but I’d have to check my notes to find out what
the hell has been keeping me so busy.

I took tomorrow off just to try and get caught up around the house. We
bought some laminate flooring a couple weeks ago. Sandy and I started
the installation last Sunday. We got half way through our dinning room
and I had enough for the day. At the moment our house is a disaster.
The carpet is ripped back, boxes of laminate flooring everywhere and
things that were in the dinning room had to be moved. To top it off we
bought a treadmill last night which we had to take out of the box to
get into the house. I have taken some pictures of the progress of the
flooring but I have to get a picture of our living room before it gets
cleaned up (once I get the laptop back I’ll post the pictures).

Topping it all off is we are heading back into winter. I bitch
constantly about the cold but what I really hate about winter is the
dark. The lack of light really messes with me. I’m always tired. I want
to pull the covers over my head and not come out until spring. I
thought about going to the doctor last year about it but I
procrastinated, spring came and all was well again. Maybe I make the
appointment. Well I can’t do it now the doctor’s office will be closed.
I can’t do it tomorrow I’ll be too busy with flooring. I can’t do it on
the weekend because�


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