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October 21, 2005

Unions and Job Security

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I have never understood the mentality of a labour union. More often
than not one of the main issues you hear on the news is the union is
fighting for job security or against outsourcing.

In IT, unfortunately, outsourcing has been a fact of business for a
number of years. At my last job the management was very open how much
cheaper labour was in Asia than North America. In most industries
outsourcing isn’t something new. A number of industries have tried to
capitalize on cheaper labour abroad all in the name of maximizing
profits for the shareholders.

In the grand scheme of things I don’t think sending work to less
fortunate countries is entirely evil. The “west” is generally looked at
as being greedy and materialistic. For the most part I don’t think it
is an inaccurate description. With more and more skilled work leaving
North America, hopefully, even with the low wages the companies are
paying, it will help raise the overall standard of living in these
other countries. Doesn’t everyone deserve the opportunity to live with
all the things we take for granted?

Now-a-days there is no such thing as job security but some people
haven’t awaken to this fact. Someone once told me a job equals the
Journey Of the Broke. The only way to have true job security and
generate wealth is to create your own business. While this might sound
appealing at first you have the constant worry of where you next
paycheque will come from and if you have people working for you their
paycheques as well.

Right now there is a labour dispute in BC with the teacher’s union. I
think overall the teachers in BC haven’t been treated fairly. The
little bit I’ve heard on the news the other day said they have had
contract after contract imposed for several years. If I was in their
position I’d be pissed off and probably be on strike as well. But do
you really think all the teachers deserve the exact same raise? Look at
the people you work with. There are probably people that don’t work
nearly as hard as you do, right? When you are talking money wouldn’t
you rather be judged on your personal performance instead of accepting
the same negotiated rate as everyone else? I know I would.

I think unions in the past have served a purpose of improving working
conditions but in today’s environment they mainly exist to serve
themselves than the people they represent. Instead of helping members
fight to only do what is in the job description teach people how to
prove themselves invaluable to an organization. Teach members to think
in terms of team instead of us and them. I think with this change in
mentality, while not perfect and perhaps naive, is a step towards job
security while working for someone else.


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