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November 1, 2005

I’m Done!

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Pieces of laminate purchased: 81
Number of pieces cut: 19
Number of pieces re-cut: 5
Number of times I said “shit, fuck or cocksucker”: 453
Number of times I bleed: 3 (cut myself twice and hit myself with the hammer the other time)
Not having to pick up rice squashed into the carpet anymore: Priceless

Oh yeah, I’m done! Yesterday I put the final touches on our new
laminate floor adding a couple pieces of � round for the transitions
from the floor to the wall.

Overall it took me longer than I expected. I said to Sandy right from
the beginning I wasn’t going to try and finish it in a single weekend.
I also knew I wasn’t going to have time or the desire to come home
after work and work on the floor. I believe it took about 30 hours to
install approximately 250 square feet. Of those 30 hours I probably
spent about 8 hours trying to get two or three different pieces just

Other than the couple of pieces that didn’t want to fit quite right I
mentioned above installing the floor was pretty easy. What caused most
of my swearing had to be the wood itself. At least a dozen times I had
banged a piece into place (using a special tool) and it would chip the
edge. When the floor is put together those chips show up (unfortunately
we have a couple we should have replaced but missed). The simple fact I
was able to complete this at all should demonstrate how easy it is. I’m
no handyman whatsoever. To give you an idea how “unhandy” I am this was
the first time in my life I have used a circular saw (seriously).

For our first attempt at installing laminate flooring I’d have to say
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. There are two places on the
floor I wish I could have got a little better but I didn’t see how I
could. At the end of the first weekend both Sandy and I said “never
again, next time we get someone else to install it”. Now that it is
done I’d still prefer to have someone else do it only not to have to
waste my weekends.

In case you are wondering hitting your finger with a hammer (even a rubber mallet) really hurts; I would avoid it if you can.
Hallway Carpet

Dinning Room Carpet

Dinning Room Start 1

Dinning Room start 2

End week 1

Hallway not started

Dinning Room Finished

Hallway Finished


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