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November 5, 2005

Go FireFox Go, Ground beef� panties and Sued by the Unborn

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Go Firefox Go
I found over here
Firfox has achieved a 10% world market share. I use Firefox probably
95% of the time and the only time that I switch over to IE is if there
is an ActiveX control or a page isn’t rendering properly (rare).

Ground Beef Panties
It just makes your mouth just water doesn’t it? You know it does!
Check it out here

Sued by the Unborn
I found this story on CBC.ca and it has to take the prize for today.

Alberta’s justice minister says he will be introducing legislation
allowing children injured in car accidents while still in the womb to
sue their mothers.

The action has sparked concerns by opposition parties and the insurance
industry, fearing it might open the floodgates for mothers to be sued
for anything they do while they are pregnant.

Stevens promises the legislation will be written narrowly to avoid too
many cases going to court. Lawsuits will be limited to the amount of
the mother’s personal liability.

Well, the personal liability will be limited. I feel a lot better about
this now. Also interesting to note the opposition is concerned mothers
could be sued over anything and not that this legislation is completely

Disclaimers are everywhere. I think the main reason for this is not
just to limit (or eliminate) a person/company’s liability, it is to try
to protect stupid people from themselves. For example, I was watching
TV last night and a Bell mobility commercial came on. It was one of
their typical commercials with the animated characters on the phone.
This particular commercial was showing you could now watch TV on your
cell phone. The characters were in all kinds of stupid situations
because they were watching TV instead of paying attention to what they
were doing. One character, walked right into an open elevator that was
being serviced. At that moment in tiny print on the TV it said
“Dramatization only. Do not attempt”.

Wait, are you telling me that if I buy a phone I can watch TV on I
shouldn’t walk into an open elevator? I was sure by having the phone I
would be able to defy gravity, turn into rubber, or say “there is no
and be unaffected by the fall. I should be able to choose between the “invincible” features by
switching to a different ring tone. After reading, “Do not attempt”
what should I expect from this phone, just to be able to watch TV? How

I listened to the Rory Blyth pod cast the
other day titled “TinyThings – #1 – Mike Hall Introduces Windows CE, XP
Embedded, and Mobile”
If for no other reason listen to the first few minutes for the
disclaimer. It was excellent! If you don’t listen to it you surely are
a pudding-head.

So what do disclaimers have to do with being sued by the unborn you
ask? The legislation needs a system for a mother to communicate with the unborn
baby to see if he or she agrees to the risks about to be taken and will
not sue. I believe a kick to the bladder should signal a “No mom. If
you continue I’ll sue your ass and I’ll make you pee yourself”. A kick
to the ribs would signal the baby will not sue or ask anyone else sue
on their behave. Of course these kicks would need to be witnessed by a

I plan to write my MLA on this important issue today and I encourage you to do the same.

The information in this weblog is provided “AS IS” with no warranties,
and confers no rights. This weblog does not represent the thoughts,
intentions, plans or strategies of my employer. It is solely my opinion
however retarded it may be. The author is not promoting violence
against women by suggesting an unborn child should purposely kick their
mother (violent unborn children should be prosecuted to the full extend
of the law (do I need an inner disclaimer if I say something stupid
inside my disclaimer?)).


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  1. With the problems I’ve had with hard drives and more recently my laptop
    I’ve wanted to get a better…

    Comment by Mike's Dump — November 11, 2005 @ 5:54 pm | Reply

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