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November 14, 2005

Sandy’s Horniest Moment Ever

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I never have and probably never will again see Sandy this horny. See for yourself.

Family at Montanas

It was Sandy’s birthday over the weekend and we took the kids and her
family to Montana’s. Going to Montana’s was Isabelle’s choice because
this is where we went for my birthday during the summer. Isabelle’s
favourite part of going to the restaurant was I had to wear deer
antlers while the staff sang to me. Now that Sandy and I have both had
this wonderful opportunity for public humiliation I don’t think we will
go back for future birthdays. The advantage I had over Sandy is I knew
to bring the camera!

The other entertaining moment at the restaurant was when Erika noticed
the stuffed caribou head mounted on the wall. At first she didn’t know
what to think of it. After a few minutes of staring she stood up in her
high chair and started chanting at the top of her lungs, “moose, my

Erika was worried the stuff animal hung at least 10 feet above us was
going to eat her supper. We tried to convince her the caribou wasn’t
going to try any of her food but you could tell she didn’t believe it.
I watched as she grabbed a French fry, without lifting her head, her
eyes rose slowly to look at the caribou to ensure it wasn’t seeking up
on her. (I hate it when that happens to me)

Erika appears to be over the “fluff phobia” but still can’t stand
floating toys in the bathtub. We can now add taxidermied (what do you
call that?) animals to the list.
Family at Montanas


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