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November 21, 2005

What are the odds?

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What do you think the odds are that I receive a customer feedback
request the very same day Sandy took my laptop back to Best Buy because
it appears the hard drive has failed.

I haven’t had my laptop back a month and it is already gone again. I
was really pumped this weekend because I got VS.NET 2005 installed and
I was going to start playing. When the hard drive started sounding
funny, seeing lots of errors in the event log and I received the blue
screen of death multiple times in one evening I started to feel sick to
my stomach. I didn’t feel sick because I would have to reinstall
everything again but because I have to return the laptop to the
computer black hole better known as Best Buy.

I mentioned in my previous post on Sulley I had done my venting and no
good would come from me wasting anymore energy on this situation. Now I
have this questionnaire staring back at me with questions like:

To what extent was you problem solved with just one phone call to our Customer Service Center?

Overall, how would you rate the service provided by the repair technician?

They ask for a rating of 1 to 4 on the above and other questions (one
being unacceptable and four being excellent). I don’t understand why
they don’t have any negative numbers (I’m thinking about writing those
in myself). With the whopping three lines available for “additional
comments” I think I should write the three blog URLs that describe my
experiences. They sent a postage paid envelop so I might as well send
in my “comments”.

Sandy was told if it is just the hard drive they can replace it in the
store. If it is the IDE controller however the laptop would have to be
sent away again 😦


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