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November 23, 2005

360 Degree Surveys

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I was reading Management Craft
this morning which linked to this post. I thought it was
interesting timing since I just sent out a 360 survey request myself.
Both posts have some excellent comments.

This is the third survey I’ve sent out in about 2 1/2 years. In the
past two surveys I have received some valuable feedback and some
confusing feedback. The beauty of the 360 survey is because it is
anonymous it allows people to give honest constructive criticism. But
because of the anonymity feedback that isn’t clear is difficult to get

As pointed out in the post, having the results of the survey used for
bonus calculation or salary adjustments totally defeats the purpose. If
that was the case I would play it like a politician does before an
election. I’d promise the world to get the results I want and if I
felt up to it I would deliver on some of them. I wouldn’t call for the
next election (send out another survey) until I was in a position to
get favorable results. Looking for opportunities to improve should not
be tied to compensation in anyway. Actually, using this information for
compensation sounds like something out of Dilbert.

Luckily the results aren’t used that way where I work. At the end of
the day I just want to know what I’ve done right (assuming I’ve done
something right) and more importantly what I need to do to improve.


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