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February 1, 2006


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You know, I have tried hard to be good. I have tried to actually throw
some technical posts up on my blog to see if I can fool anyone into
believing I still remember the difference between a loop and an If
statement (is it working?).

Even when putting these posts up it felt a little funny (that would be
funny strange not funny ha-ha). Most days that I feel like writing
something it is usually because I’m pissed off, amazed by something I
found, well, amazing or I’m avoiding doing some work around the house.

Today’s post falls under the categories of amazed and avoiding doing
some work around the house (at least I think I was suppose to do
something� I’ll just tell Sandy I was drunk, that’s usually believable).

Let’s say you were building a contact management system. First you
start thinking about the objects in your system. You think a contact
could be made up of one or many addresses, e-mail addresses and phone
numbers. So you build an address, e-mail, and phone number class. Once
complete you decide to tie the 3 classes together by creating private
variables on your user interface (a WinForm for example).

I would hope most readers would stop and think, “that would be really
dumb”. Thinking about the system as a whole you’d think it would be a
no-brainer to have a “Contact” class, would you not? Even if you would
only ever have one contact in the entire system wouldn’t you still have
a contact class?

If you were working on an application in a situation like this adding a
“contact” class probably wouldn’t be all that difficult but it would
make you wonder what other surprises are just under the surface.

Good thing this is “hypothetical” and I’m not really working on this.



  1. Having seen these software design anomolies in other systems, I would have to say that the main reason that this type of design is implemented is because the developer is NOT drunk. I find that my designs get better as I get drunker (although there is a point of diminishing returns), so with that said this designer should have been absolutely pie-eyed, plastered, wasted, knackered, or whatever you would like to call that state of bliss. Would it have improved their design? Perhaps, but there would be a better chance that they’d be passed out and the code would not have been written.

    Comment by The Igloo Coder — February 1, 2006 @ 8:17 pm | Reply

  2. That is a good point. It is socially acceptable to provide coffee and to those privileged few filtered water to employees. Why not free alcohol for the IT industry? The right amount of happy juice in the system dulls the senses slightly, which makes it easier to get into the “programming zone”. Once a developer is in the zone amazing code flows naturally. You’d think employers would do everything they can to help developers get into the zone.

    I have been asking for a keg or a beer fridge (I’d settle for some better tasting photocopier fluid) at work for years. But my requests are laughed at and dismissed. I will keep fighting the good fight because if my daughters grow up to be software developers they should have the right to drink at their desks!

    Drinking and blogging is pretty good too 🙂

    Currently Drinking: Big Rock – Traditional Ale

    Comment by mike — February 2, 2006 @ 7:10 pm | Reply

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