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March 26, 2006

Happy Birthday to My Dump

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That’s right folks, Mike’s Dump turned one year old today. My very
first post was an exciting one if you missed it.

It has been an interesting year and there have been lots of opportunities for me to take a good dump. Some of my favorites are:

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The first post that someone took notice of.

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The first time sales got under my skin that I had to say something.

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The first tale of Erika’s fears.

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The post that made me a regular reader of Neopoleon.com

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A milestone post where I try to explain why I blog.

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There have been some tough days.

Duct Tape
My personal favorite post

I’m Done!
Proof that I accomplished something around the house this year.

Merry Christmas = Happy Holidays = Have a Nice Day
This post has generated more hits than usual.

It has been an interesting year. Let’s see if I can make it to year two.


and they spelled your name wrong

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I have spent most of the weekend being pissed off. It is the type of
pissed off where you are ready to snap at anyone or anything. It is the
type of pissed of that gives road rage a bad name (actually does
road-rage have a good name?). It isn’t the type of pissed of where one
of your favorite TV shows ends the
season in a cliffhanger.

Why am I so pissed off? Well, imagine this. You work for a company for
9 � years. The job isn’t that great and the pay is just ok. You have
worked with many people over the years some you were sad to see go but
a lot of them you breathed a sigh of relief when they walked out the
door. What the job has going for it is it works well with your
schedule. You have seemed to find the right balance between a work and
personal life.

You come into work one day like any other and your co-workers say, “you
have to check your mail cupboard”. A little curious you walk over
thinking, maybe an unexpected bonus or maybe just a thanks for all the
nights you stayed late to finish without being asked.

You open the letter and the first thing you notice on the company
letterhead is they spelled your name wrong. You keep reading and it
states how there is going to be wide sweeping changes in your
department and most of these changes are going to effect people in your
position (part-time evenings).

There are six main points to the letter:
1) The number of positions is going to be reduced from 8 to 3
2) The position will require you spend more time away from you family then before
3) Your responsibilities will be reduced and you will most likely be bored with what you will be doing.
4) If you are interested in one of these positions you have to apply for it.
5) If you are not interested your services will no longer be required.
6) You are required to decide in less than one week.

The company that you have worked for, for the past 9 � years has not
previously talked to you about these changes. They sent this to you in
a letter� and they spelled your name wrong.

Now you might wonder why I’m so pissed off. I don’t work for a company
like that. I know for a fact that if there were a reason my position
was being eliminated my manager would treat me like he always has, with
dignity and respect. The reason I’m so pissed off is because this is
happening to my wife.

I know for certain that Sandy will have no problem finding another job.
I think after another night of sleeping on it I’ll try hard to focus on
the positive (she will find a much better job). But for the rest of the
day I’m going to be pissed off�. They didn’t even spell her name right.

March 20, 2006

Times have changed for Curious George

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Curious GeorgeWe took the girls to the movie Curious George a couple weeks back. Both
of them enjoyed it. I thought the movie was ok but I’m glad we had gift
certificates instead of spending $55 (admission and snacks) on it.
Anyways, once the movie gets going the man in the big yellow hat meets
George and they play a game of peekaboo. This game, leads to George
following the man with the big yellow hat everywhere including back to
his ship (which the man doesn’t realize).

Once they get back to the USA George finds the man with the big yellow
hat again, a bunch of stuff happens and eventually the man and George
live happily ever after.

Today Isabelle brought home the Curious George book from her library. I
thought it would be interesting to see how much Isabelle remembered
from the movie. We get through the first couple of pages and it turns
out the “real” story is the man went to Africa to capture a monkey to
put it in a zoo!

A bunch of other stuff happened (similar to the movie) but the end of the book is what I found interesting:

“And the George and the man climbed into the car and at last, away they went to the ZOO. What a nice place for George to live!”

I guess throwing a monkey behind bars at the zoo wouldn’t make for a happy movie ending, eh?

March 18, 2006

Helping one Internet user at a time

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I like to check the statistics on my blog to see how people came to it.
The hits I find most interesting are the one that come from a search
engine. For example I get several hits with the search phrase “102.9
Sonic” which brings users to this post.
Seeing these types of hits I know that I am providing content that
people are looking for. This isn’t the point of my blog but it is a
nice side effect.

I wasn’t sure how one of my more recent posts
would be received so I was excited to find that two, count’em two
people found their way to the post via Google~! A special thanks has to
go to Justice on his explanation on how to use ~!

How to clean puke

March 9, 2006


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Here is a cool tool to help with writing comments. I haven’t used it much but so far so good.


VSS: File Renaming

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I have been using source control for about 7 years now. The time I have spent has almost equally been split between StarTeam and VSS (not sure if this is the right URL). Although I can’t remember many of the features in StarTeam I remember the feeling. It felt warm and safe like
sitting on a beach at a fancy resort. Where VSS feels like you are sitting on ice at the North Pole wearing nothing but your birthday suit.

In the past I have always avoided renaming files in a project under source control because I didn’t want to lose the history. Renaming
files that are under source control would not be required that often if people didn’t check in “Form1.vb” but that is another story.

The other day I had enough of Form1.vb staring back at me in the project that I was working on so I decided to act. Here is what I did:

1) Opened up the VSS browser
2) Found the evil Form1.vb and all of its resx files and renamed to something more suitable (Form2 was the first thing that came to mind
but I settled on MainForm since this is the only form in the project)
3) Started the project in VS.NET and checked out the project and Form1.vb
4) Renamed the file
5) Acknowledged the five warnings on how the world can end by renaming a file and one warning on how “MainForm” already existed under source control.
6) Check in the project and “new” MainForm

I opened my newly named form and it appeared to be intact. I checked
out the file, made a trivial change and checked it in and check the
history it all looked good.

I’m sure there are people out there saying didn’t you read the freak’in
help on how to do this? And my answer of course would be, NO. If there
were help on how to deal with this I would hope a technical writer
would say, “Hey, this sounds like a real pain in the ass. Do you think
maybe this should be enhanced? Renaming files is something that might
happen� from time-to-time”.

As much as I hated the process I was pretty happy this worked until tonight.

At home I setup Subversion a little
while ago. I have TortoiseSVN
installed which integrates with Windows Explorer and I have Ankhsvn installed for VS.NET 2005 integration. A
few nights ago I checked in my first real project and realized I forgot
to rename one folder within the project. I went into VS.NET, renamed
the folder, checked in the project and BANG! All the files under the
old folder were under the new one like I would expect and I could even
go into the repository browser to see a graph that showed at what
version the folder name changed.

So if you have tips on how to easily change file names that are under
VSS control you could leave them as a comment. But, what would be more
appreciated is marketing propaganda on why a development shop should
dump VSS for subversion 🙂

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