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March 20, 2006

Times have changed for Curious George

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Curious GeorgeWe took the girls to the movie Curious George a couple weeks back. Both
of them enjoyed it. I thought the movie was ok but I’m glad we had gift
certificates instead of spending $55 (admission and snacks) on it.
Anyways, once the movie gets going the man in the big yellow hat meets
George and they play a game of peekaboo. This game, leads to George
following the man with the big yellow hat everywhere including back to
his ship (which the man doesn’t realize).

Once they get back to the USA George finds the man with the big yellow
hat again, a bunch of stuff happens and eventually the man and George
live happily ever after.

Today Isabelle brought home the Curious George book from her library. I
thought it would be interesting to see how much Isabelle remembered
from the movie. We get through the first couple of pages and it turns
out the “real” story is the man went to Africa to capture a monkey to
put it in a zoo!

A bunch of other stuff happened (similar to the movie) but the end of the book is what I found interesting:

“And the George and the man climbed into the car and at last, away they went to the ZOO. What a nice place for George to live!”

I guess throwing a monkey behind bars at the zoo wouldn’t make for a happy movie ending, eh?


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