Mike’s Dump

March 26, 2006

and they spelled your name wrong

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I have spent most of the weekend being pissed off. It is the type of
pissed off where you are ready to snap at anyone or anything. It is the
type of pissed of that gives road rage a bad name (actually does
road-rage have a good name?). It isn’t the type of pissed of where one
of your favorite TV shows ends the
season in a cliffhanger.

Why am I so pissed off? Well, imagine this. You work for a company for
9 � years. The job isn’t that great and the pay is just ok. You have
worked with many people over the years some you were sad to see go but
a lot of them you breathed a sigh of relief when they walked out the
door. What the job has going for it is it works well with your
schedule. You have seemed to find the right balance between a work and
personal life.

You come into work one day like any other and your co-workers say, “you
have to check your mail cupboard”. A little curious you walk over
thinking, maybe an unexpected bonus or maybe just a thanks for all the
nights you stayed late to finish without being asked.

You open the letter and the first thing you notice on the company
letterhead is they spelled your name wrong. You keep reading and it
states how there is going to be wide sweeping changes in your
department and most of these changes are going to effect people in your
position (part-time evenings).

There are six main points to the letter:
1) The number of positions is going to be reduced from 8 to 3
2) The position will require you spend more time away from you family then before
3) Your responsibilities will be reduced and you will most likely be bored with what you will be doing.
4) If you are interested in one of these positions you have to apply for it.
5) If you are not interested your services will no longer be required.
6) You are required to decide in less than one week.

The company that you have worked for, for the past 9 � years has not
previously talked to you about these changes. They sent this to you in
a letter� and they spelled your name wrong.

Now you might wonder why I’m so pissed off. I don’t work for a company
like that. I know for a fact that if there were a reason my position
was being eliminated my manager would treat me like he always has, with
dignity and respect. The reason I’m so pissed off is because this is
happening to my wife.

I know for certain that Sandy will have no problem finding another job.
I think after another night of sleeping on it I’ll try hard to focus on
the positive (she will find a much better job). But for the rest of the
day I’m going to be pissed off�. They didn’t even spell her name right.


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