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April 16, 2006

Look what I found

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Warning: Some readers may find the following blog entry offensive. Reader discretion is advised.

There are some memories that can be easily captured with a single picture like in my previous post. But the funny stories (funny ha-ha or funny strange) that happen to us everyday are a little harder to capture. We have told this story to a few people now and Sandy and I agreed it needed to be captured. It may not benefit humanity as a whole but we will probably look back years from now and still laugh.
Sandy had to take the van in for its 50K check-up. Southgate Pontiac, where we take our vehicle for service, offers a free shuttle so you don’t have to sit and wait for your vehicle. Sandy and Erika (our 2 � year old) are riding back in the shuttle van with four other gentlemen. As they are driving down the road Erika says:
“Here mommy”, holding on to something small pinched between her finger and thumb.
Sandy looked around the van realizing it is pretty dirty reluctantly reaches out her hand and says, “Where did you get that”?
Erika quickly says, “My nose. I got it from my nose mommy” as she dropped it into Sandy’s open hand.
Sandy, at this point, is just sitting there trying not to laugh with a dried piece of snot in her hand. She doesn’t really know what to do with it because she is unsure if anyone else heard what Erika said. Finally, she drops “the deposit” on the floor and stares out the window trying to pretend the whole thing didn’t happen.
I’m sure you see what I mean. This gem of a story had to be captured. I think we’ll “dig it up” again when Erika gets married. Perfect for telling a bunch of people that just ate.


Good-Bye to an Old Friend

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I have been forced to clean up some of the scary parts of our house lately. They are scary because they are the forgotten areas; places where junk goes in and normally comes out once every few years. After looking at the item it brings back some fond memories and then normally gets shoved back into the hole it came from for a few more years.
Well, no more! We are planning on selling our house this year and we are starting to part ways with a lot of stuff that has been hanging around a number of years.
A few weeks ago I cleaned up my computer room and I threw out 3 � inch floppies for DOS 5.0, Netscape Navigator 2.0 and a 5 � inch floppy of “Where in the world is Carman San Diego?”. Since I chucked the last 5 � inch disk I had I thought it was probably time to throw out my 5 � inch external floppy drive. I don’t know if I was waiting for them to come back in style or what.
Well today we cleaned out the coat closet. It was well overdue. There were several coats in there that I haven’t worn since we moved in (7 years ago) and will probably never were again. The one that I have held onto the longest is my leather-studded jacket from high school. I paid $275 for it in 1990. I proudly wore it in 30 above weather with my shorts and 10-hole Doc Martins. Ahh, the good old days.
Before I part ways with my leather I had to try it on one more time (with the matching leather cap). I remember the jacket being a little big for me in my “punk days” but I was about 40 pounds lighter too.
Good-bye old friend, I hope you find a good home.

Mike Leather Jacket Front Mike Leather Jacket Side

April 10, 2006

Firefox Memory Leaks

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Anyone who has used FireFox for a significant amount of browsing probably has noticed the memory leaks issue. Below are two great posts on the subject. The first one has a suggestion on how to help make this a little less painful (I just tried the suggestion and it seems pretty good so far). The second post is a sad tale of which extensions are part of the problem and not part of the solution (I used the top three extensions listed)



April 8, 2006

A place for everything and everything in its place

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The Phrase Finder has the following to say about the title of my post.

A place for everything and everything in its place

The notion that everything should have a place to be stored in and that it should be tidily returned there when not in use.

Samuel Smiles (1812-1904) in Thrift. ‘A place for everything, and everything in its place.’

Some people might say there is no “correct” place to have a cordless phone because always storing it on the base defeats the purpose of being able to have the phone wherever you are. That being said there are places that most people would agree are not good to put a cordless phone.

  • In a sink
  • In the fridge or freezer
  • In the microware
  • In the dishwasher
  • On a stove element

Burnt Phone

I won’t name the person that melted the crap out of our phone but what I can say it wasn’t me, Isabelle or Erika. The funny thing is it still works. It is a little painful to use though because the ear piece is so badly melted.

Warning: Do not try this at home

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