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April 16, 2006

Look what I found

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Warning: Some readers may find the following blog entry offensive. Reader discretion is advised.

There are some memories that can be easily captured with a single picture like in my previous post. But the funny stories (funny ha-ha or funny strange) that happen to us everyday are a little harder to capture. We have told this story to a few people now and Sandy and I agreed it needed to be captured. It may not benefit humanity as a whole but we will probably look back years from now and still laugh.
Sandy had to take the van in for its 50K check-up. Southgate Pontiac, where we take our vehicle for service, offers a free shuttle so you don’t have to sit and wait for your vehicle. Sandy and Erika (our 2 � year old) are riding back in the shuttle van with four other gentlemen. As they are driving down the road Erika says:
“Here mommy”, holding on to something small pinched between her finger and thumb.
Sandy looked around the van realizing it is pretty dirty reluctantly reaches out her hand and says, “Where did you get that”?
Erika quickly says, “My nose. I got it from my nose mommy” as she dropped it into Sandy’s open hand.
Sandy, at this point, is just sitting there trying not to laugh with a dried piece of snot in her hand. She doesn’t really know what to do with it because she is unsure if anyone else heard what Erika said. Finally, she drops “the deposit” on the floor and stares out the window trying to pretend the whole thing didn’t happen.
I’m sure you see what I mean. This gem of a story had to be captured. I think we’ll “dig it up” again when Erika gets married. Perfect for telling a bunch of people that just ate.


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