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December 22, 2007

With blood dripping down my face…

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There I was, rocking “Barracuda” by Heart for an enormous crowd. As I play my last note who busts onto my stage; the one and only Tom Morello. He thought he had what it took to take me down. He thought wrong!

Fearing nothing I let him start to show what he has. I came back at him playing note for note and then some. When he saw the crowd turning in my favor he realized he couldn’t take down a Guitar Hero of my caliber so he opted for the physical attack instead. In a roundhouse fashion Tom swung his guitar over his head and he hit me right between the eyes. With blood dripping down my face I continued to play until Tom was booed off the staging.
Put simply, I ROCKED!

My wife, whose memory has never been that great, remembers the events differently. She claims that I was merely playing a game and I wasn’t up on a stage. There was no crowd and I barely broke 80% accuracy on the hard version of “Barracuda” by Heart.

When completing the song I went into the Battle Mode with Tom Morello. After several failed attempts I tried again to beat him. Feeling this was the time I would succeed I raised my guitar hard and fast to activate my last “Battle Power”. Focusing more on the TV than where I was swinging the guitar I hit myself right between the eyes (yes, actually drawing blood). The good news is I did beat Tom Morello on Hard.

There you have it. Two versions of what happen. One demonstrating the Rock God that I am and the other making me sound a little completely insane. I’m sure being the intelligent reader you are you’ll have no problem determining what really happened.


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